blue sea.sunrise

Dear qinzhi

Mummy ‘s sitting on the balcony watching sunrise

Out there,the gentle lapping of the ocean waves r getting into my body creating this v soft rocking
The effect like cleaning my tired body

It’s funny,the thing is u do not realise how tired in the everydayness of life,much till u stop for a while.

Over at the horizon, the sun is peeking out, eager to inspire n b itself

The clouds above it r grey but the sun is still itself

I can’t help but wonder like a kid—how can there b such an expanse?
Wat is earth n wat is in earth?
The water juz goes on n on n on……the clouds as well
At this point there is already
Pinkness in the sky

How pretty

It is the hugeness that make man small
In the middle , juz in between the sea n clouds we stand n move along

Then we disappear into the unknown, juz as in the manner which we come by

It is in this perspective that makes man small n troubles minute
Past n histories worth to b let go off as we sail n move into the future
Unnecessary burdens n unhapiness or attachments imposed upon oneself

They all seem so ultra-lly unnecessary
Totally unimportant

Life is short n nothing to compare of in the huge expanse of space n time

It is silly to devote time to any
Cause other than something u believe in in
It is too precious to dwell on past or unhappiness
We should move
Light n able bodied as water as the rest floats away in the winds,much like the clouds n the water that has moved past

And the sun is coming up now
U cannot imagine it’s brillance n influence
It seemed to b coming out fr a pointlessbut the sky just becomes painted pink elsewhere

The clouds cover it’s brilliance
But even so
The sun is always there

And at sea it’s much much easier to c that bad weather does go away
In fact in a matter of minutes
It’s juz that we r not able to c this when we r in bad weather ouselves

Like the sun that goes up then behind clouds n then through bad weather then voilà

good weather again
Bright n fair

Really appreciate this
Qinzhi darling should spend sometime at sea too to catch this wonder


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